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Title: Unearthed
Author: rise_your_dead/Missy
Fandom: Little Women Series
Pairing/characters: None; Nan and Emil, an appearance by Jo
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,253
Spoiler: Spoilers for the books through Jo’s boys
Warnings: (if any or choose not to warn) : adult content; Mild medical trauma..
Summary: Nan and Emil have a chance meeting during the Great San Francisco Earthquake.
Notes: Written for nocowardsoul for Exchange at Fic Corner! Hope you enjoy it!

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Title: to a home on god’s celestial shore
Author: rise_your_dead/Missy
Fandom: Little Women
Pairing/characters: All of the Marches; some Beth/Laurie
Rating: PG
Prompt: Wingfic
Word Count: 744
Spoiler: General book spoilers; canon AU after Beth contracts scarlet fever
Warnings: (if any or choose not to warn) : mild sexual themes
Summary: Beth survives scarlet fever with few ill effects – and one special addition.

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Posting to encourage more LW bunnies for Yuletide, of course. :)

In this post, rare pairing = any ship other than Jo/Laurie. Compared to that one, even canon's other main ships (Jo/Bhaer, Meg/John, Laurie/Amy) don't get much fic at all. A broader range would be good to see. Do any of these tickle your imagination?

Canon's Minor Ships
Nat/Daisy, Demi/Alice, Tom/Dora, Emil/Mary, Franz/Ludmilla

Canon's Background Ships
Mr. March/Mrs. March, Ned Moffat/Sallie Gardiner, Laurie's parents, Aunt March and her late husband

Canon's Failed and Unrequited Ships
Amy/Fred Vaughn, Tom/Nan, Nat/Minna, Dan/Bess

Canon's Hypothetical Tease Ships
Laurie/Beth (Jo ships them! briefly), Laurie/Meg (according to Mrs. Moffat), Jo/Meg (in some AU where passionately jealous tomboys are allowed to marry their sisters), Jo/Laurie/Amy ("...I didn't know which I loved best, you or Amy, and tried to love you both alike"), Dan/Nan ("...Would you just let me feel your arm? Splendid biceps!")

LMA-Spinning-In-Her-Grave Ships
Jo/Dan. ETA: Daisy/Demi. And Jo/Beth.

Slash Opportunities
Dan/Nat, Dan/Demi, John/Laurie (all done for Yuletides past, I think) - and then there's Dan/Ted, Dan/Laurie, Bhaer/Laurie, Nan/Daisy, Nan/Bess, Alice/Daisy, Bess/Josie, Jo/Amy, Meg/Moffat sisters, Amy/May Chester... ETA: Dan/Jack, Jack/Ned, Stuffy/Dolly, Nan/Josie

Misc. Het Suggestions
Josie/Ted, Jo/John

Anyone I've missed?


Title: Waking World
Author: Missy (rise_your_dead)
Fandom: Little Women
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Beth, Jo, Amy; Friedrich/Jo and Meg/John, with unrequited Beth/Laurie and Jo/Laurie
Rating/Category: G; romance, slice of life, bittersweet drama
Word Count: 1,150
Disclaimer: Doesn't belong to me, belongs to the estate of Louisa May Alcott
Spoilers: For everything through the middle of the book – this takes place just before Beth’s death, after Meg’s marriage to John Brooks and the births of Daisy and Demi, while Jo is in New York and Amy is in Paris.
Summary: How the March sisters deal, in their infinitely various way, with dreams.
Notes/Warnings: Written for cottoncandy_bingo in ’12, prompt “Dreams”!

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Little Women - Read-a-Long

Hello and welcome,

to this read-a-long where we can discuss every minor fact about Little Women I. Every chapter has its own discussion under thread and you can post everything you want about this chapter.
What you love, like or hate.
What you find curious or cute.
Whatever you find worth discussing in this chapter.

If you don't have an own copy you can find the book also on Project Gutenberg as a print or audio version or in other languages than English. Look here.

Hopefully there are lots of people who participate and maybe we can then also read Little Women II/Good Wives together.

So, now, let's have fun and talk about Little Women, part 1! :D

Mods, could I get please a tag for read-a-long? Thanks!
Chapter summaries found here.

Comment fic February

Comment Fic is a special kind of short, quickly written fan fic that can (usually!) fit into a livejournal comment. The fics are written in response to prompts from other users. I'm absolutely not responsible for the idea. In fact, there's an entire livejournal community dedicated to it: http://comment_fic.livejournal.com. However, since we've finished our first writing challenge, I thought it might be fun to try a round of comment ficcing here, with a Little Women focus.

Here's how it works:


Leave a comment here requesting a fic that you would like to read. It should look like this:

characters ; prompt


Jo ; eating apples

If you want a pairing fic, use the slash / sign.


Jo / Bhaer ; eating apples romantically

If you're hoping for a gen (non-pairing) fic, use the and & sign.


Jo & Beth ; eating apples in a platonic sisterly fashion

If you don't care if it's pairing or gen, use both signs.


Jo &/ Laurie ; Eating apples while sending each other mixed signals while Laurie either pines over Jo or just enjoys his apples and muses on his joyful union with Amy.

If you don't care which character is used, write any.


any ; The apples at Plumfield are glorious to behold

This is a tiny community, so the more prompts the merrier. Leave as many as you want! Leaving prompts does not in any way obligate you to write fic. Trust me, those of us who do enjoy writing fic will enjoy the plot bunnies you've left!


Look through the comments, and find fics that you want to write. Reply to the comment with your story. Have fun. Don't worry about running off to write the next great novel. Feel free to turn up out quick, spur of the moment stuff. Sometimes those turn out to be the best kinds of stories! Maybe you want to try writing your first fic ever in the fandom. There's no minimum word requirement.

If somebody writes a story to your prompt, don't forget to thank them.

There isn't really a fourth, but if you know any Little Women fans who aren't here, feel free to send them over. :)

Fan Creativity Challenge - results

The winner, by a landslide, is Arithanas! In one month she managed to create 75 icons, 5 banners, and four pieces of fic.

Go to the thread to check it out! http://littlewomen-fic.livejournal.com/1228.html#comments

Those of you looking for Little Women icons will also be spoiled by lots of lovely pieces by Nocoward_Soul and Grovered.

I hope those of yolu who played enjoyed it, and Arithanas, please don't forget to contact me about your prize.

Interest on a book-reading-session?


I want to ask if there is interest for a shared book-reading session. Basically we would re-read the first part of Little Wome (and if there is interest also the others) and we would have a discussion for every chapter. You could say what you love, like, hate or what is surprising for you.

Also I personally would love a thing because I could see how many differents are between the German and the English version of the book. Maybe there are also some other people who read the book in a different language and we can talk about the difference between the translations.

If there is interest I would organize such a thing. :)

So... do you want to try such a thing? And if you want to do this, when should we start? Maybe the 1st March?

This poll is closed.

Is there interest for such a book discussion?

ETA: The poll will be open for seven days. If there isn't a big chance I will open the read-a-long on the 12. Februar. Hopefully there will be lots of people who will participate. :D

Also could I get a tag for the read-a-long? Thanks!

Picspam - Nan

"Little Men" is the sequel to the celebrated "Little Women", and continues with the story of the life of our heroine Jo March, now known as Jo Bhaer, who inherited from her Aunt March a property known as Plumfield, where always on Jo and her husband established a school. It is in this novel where we find the spiritual heir of Miss Alcott.

Rarely do writers are able to return to a theme that were forced to abandon for any reason. Ironically to Louisa May Alcott, the same force that forced her to marry Jo was the one that allowed her to give us Nan: her celebrity as author.
Spiritual DaughterCollapse )

Preperations (fic)

Summery: Amy helps Jo prepare for her wedding day, and Meg helps Jo prepare for her wedding night.

Comment_fic written for Lillian Raven’s prompt: “Amy can’t tell Jo that she’s kissed Laurie”.

Rating: PG13 – includes mild but very overt sexual references. Nothing graphic.

Pairings Amy/Laurie, Jo/Bhaer

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