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Little Women Fic

Fan fiction and discussion about Louisa May Alcott's Little Women series

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A place to discuss Little Women and share fan creativity.
Welcome to Little Women fic! Here is a place to share fan creativity based on Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women, as well as its sequels. All characters and pairings are welcome and encouraged!


1. Please place all full length fics behind a cut. Before the cut please include a summery, rating, and any warnings you feel necessary!

2. All ratings are welcome, but if you write any explicit material please label it as such.

3. Although I hope to use this as a place to encourage fan fiction in particular other forms of creativity (icons, fan vids, whatever you like) are also welcome, as is general discussion.

4. Praise and constructive criticism are welcome on fics posted here. Outright flames are not. If for some reason you do not want concrit please write an author's note to let us know that.

4. For such a small fandom, Little Women has some pretty intense shipping wars. However, other writers' fan fic isn't the place to carry them out. You're welcome to freely talk about and debate pairings in discussion threads though, as long as the debate remains friendly.